I Need You
Nota Musical
I Need You M83
Intérprete M83
Longitud 3:00
Banda sonora de Divergente

I Need You es una canción interpretada por la banda fracesa M83. Está ubicada en el puesto número 8 de la banda sonora de la adaptación cinematográfica de Divergente.

M83 - I Need You (Divergent Soundtrack)

M83 - I Need You (Divergent Soundtrack)


I fear it, you're after the feeling
And I am all alone
Hold to call the feeling senile
They unwrap the more
Going out the dusty roads
We are caught and see it

I need you

There's a reason after all
For the fields that I have gone
Pump the blood and leave it alone
Far away take me

See it all
Just go and solve it all

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